NY Bronze Artists



Born and raised in Canada, Muriel Kneeshaw has resided in New York City since 1966. She completed a Doctorate of Education at Columbia University and taught public health nursing for thirty years, all the while pursuing sculpture as a venue for self expression.

Although Ms. Kneeshaw has worked in welding steel and soldering brass in the past, she has been sculpting solely in wax and bronze for nearly a decade. A multi-award winning sculptor, Ms. Kneeshaw has shown her work in numerous exhibits. Alice Shapiro of Artspeak described her sculptures as humorous and psychological, whereas her colleague, Will Grant, declared they were rhythmic abstractions.

“Using figurative forms and movements, I enjoy exploring ways of expressing emotions and reactions to the trends and experiences of our time. Most recently, the focus of my work has been on the emergence of women in today’s culture and political scene. While “Modern Woman,” one of a series, depicts a young woman engrossed in her own world as she walks and listens to music, oblivious to her surroundings, “Breaking The Glass Ceiling” celebrates the achievement of women who have succeeded in acending to top-executive positions in their career.”