NY Bronze Artists

A Group of New-York Based Sculptors


Because of the pandemic, this year, our annual exhibit is held online
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​The NY Bronze Artists feature more than 30 New-York–based sculptors who have exhibited internationally and nationally. The strength of the group lies in the variety of its members who come from every corner of the globe.

Twice a week, they meet with Oscar Garcia at the Art Students League of New York where he mentors the group on sculpting in wax and bronze. Mr. Garcia and his group cast bronze through the “lost wax process,” a method dating from the 3rd millennium BC.

For this group, Bronze is a preferred medium not only because it is corrosion-resistant, resilient, and stronger than stone but also because it is carvable and weldable, allowing artists to bring their vision to life in its finest details. It takes on a delicate and powerful form, as it captures movement and emotions, emanating life-like energy.